"Gospel Hope When You Feel Like You're Not Enough," Risen Motherhood, July 23, 2018

This essay offers encouragement for mothers worn-out from the day-to-day challenges of raising children, explaining the joy that is ours in Christ Jesus when we exchange our weakness for His strength.

"An Abandoned Heritage: The Evangelical Church and Black Worship," Faithfully Magazine Issue No. 4, July 15, 2018

This article explores the absence of inclusive worship at many self-proclaimed multi-ethnic and Evangelical churches. Print and digital issues available for download at store.faithfullymagazine.com.

"Marriage - Is It About Me?" Homefront Magazine (July Issue), July 2018

This article offers hope for husbands and wives struggling to appropriately respond to the weaknesses and inadequacies they see in their spouses. Print and digital issues available for download at homefrontmag.com/store

"Why Aren’t Whites Affected by Police Shootings of Unarmed Americans?" Faithfully Magazine, June 22, 2018

As news of another police shooting of an unarmed Black male emerged, a study revealed that Whites experience no mental health impacts over such shootings. This article explores the disparity in mental health burden between Whites and Blacks following shootings among unarmed citizens.

"He is Here," McLean Bible Church Blog, May 17, 2017

Where is God when mothering is hard? When sleep-deprived with a newborn baby who cares nothing of your unchecked to-do's and only wants your constant attention? This essay is a reminder that even in the tough days of littles when our time is not our own, God is with us, working in every moment for our good and His glory.

"Worth the Weight," Coffee + Crumbs, November 23, 2016

An honest reflection on what it means to embrace both the beauty and mystery of weight gain during pregnancy. I wrote this while pregnant with my second son, Ellis. At 10 weeks, I already couldn't pull up my pants and by the time I delivered, I'd gained a whopping 40 pounds. Despite my struggle with the scale, he was every bit worth the weight!